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Dragon Event Services Data Protection policy

we will not collect any more data than that which we require to fullfill our commitment to providing you the very best services.

What data will we ask for?

Name so we know who we are talking to

Contact number so we can check prior to the event to ensure everything is ok and to confirm if there is any issues.

address this is only if the event to held at a home address please leave field blank if at another venue

Email this is our usual form of contact

we may also request proof of identity

we will not use your information to contact you about marketing nor will we provide your details to any other company unless required to do so for legal reasons if you wish to recieve news about us or find out about special offers please like our facebook page or sign up to our member only area where details will be posted on .

only senior member of dragon events staff and the companies who host both our website ( and our email servers ( have any access to personal data but these details will be deleted after the event

for anymore details about the data we collect and how it's dealt with please contact us and we will be more than happy to talk to you about it.

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